Probate Sales and Purchases

The process of buying or selling real estate through a probate is a series of court-regulated steps that must be carefully monitored and managed. Deadlines are unforgiving, documentation is specialized and the court’s oversight must be honored throughout the marketing, offers, negotiations and sale of the property.

In addition to the personnel of the court, the sale generally involves the Executor or Administrator of the estate, the attorney representing the estate, a real estate agent representing the seller (the estate), one or more buyers who place bids with the court and the buyers’ real estate agents. Each of these individuals must follow the guidelines and deadlines of the court.

Probate and trust sales also involve various disclosure documents and contracts that are not always used in other real estate transactions.

If you are involved in buying or selling a probate property, your real estate agent should be experienced in probate sales and be able to explain the language, the documentation and the steps in the process.

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